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Data Logger Suite is an application that allows you to log and monitor information via serial interfaces.
Keyboard Macro recorder/generator:
Allows you to record keystrokes and assign them to macros.
With many options, Data Logger Suite can record and store mouse and keyboard events. It can also trigger macros to carry out the desired actions.
The information recorded can be saved to a database, exported to a spreadsheet or a log file, or even sent by email or fax. The keystrokes recorded can also be sent to an email address or fax number.
Monitor serial interfaces:
The program supports a great variety of serial interfaces, including RS232, TCP/IP, UDP, OPC, SQL, SMS, Modem and DDE, among others.
Data Logger Suite is a robust and reliable program that provides all of the capabilities needed to log and monitor the information received from a variety of devices.

USBWizard.NET is a.NET based utility that automates the process of creating a Windows.NET Compact Framework application.
This utility will help you to write a Windows Application in Visual Studio, and deploy it to a USB Flash Drive. Once deployed, you can use this application as a.NET Portable Class Library to create your own libraries.
This utility will create a.NET CF application and configure the application for the platform selected in the settings.

PowerDNS is an authoritative server (one that looks up the names of all the other servers) for the DNS protocol. It can also be used as an authoritative server for the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol (WebDAV) by resolving WebDAV paths to IP addresses.

Magic Jumper is a sophisticated program that allows you to convert any digital audio file into MIDI (.mid) files.
It is a midi file editor and converter that allows you to edit the different MIDI attributes in any digital audio file that you want.
It comes with a MIDI music library and allows you to import files of any format, such as WAV, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, MP3, APE and Ogg Vorbis.

Asterisk Scheduler is an advanced, powerful and simple scheduler for Asterisk. It includes features such as the ability to save and retrieve schedules, allow for multiple callers to the same extension, call forwarding, etc.

MP3-Jitter is a MP3 to MP3-Jitter. In other words 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2003 that makes it easy to track all of the activity in your Excel worksheets. If you are using Excel for your company’s accounting, business or personal financial tracking, you’ll appreciate its advanced and user-friendly features.
With KEYMACRO, you can quickly…

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Wat is E-mail validation?

The risk of using e-mail validation is twofold. First, email address spoofing is becoming a common problem for online banking, and using a validation of addresses helps prevent the risk of losing money. Second, it’s just good etiquette to use something other than your work or home address when sending spam, and this also helps prevent people from sending you spam messages.

What is blind validation?

Blind validation is when an email address is validated without being verified, because the ISP uses a validation mechanism to prevent address spoofing. It is considered safe to use a validated address in a spam filter, but it’s not very effective in preventing spammers from sending you spam, because most spammers don’t use this validation process. You may be automatically sent to a validation service when you send a spam email, and your message will be rejected if it’s not verified.

What is email verification?

Verifying your email address means that the email provider contacts the email address and either confirms that it is valid, or not. This is often done automatically by the provider, or you can have an email sent to the address asking you to verify it.

Can I use my ISP’s email verification for my email address?

Yes. You can use the email verification your ISP provides, or you can use a different method. It’s very easy to verify email addresses. Go to “Settings” and click on the “Options” tab. Click on “Email Account” to add a new account. Click on “Validate” to verify the email address. When you complete the account, the verification email will be sent to your email address, and you can use the address in any part of the world.

Why don’t I see my email address in my email account?

The email address you see on your email account isn’t your true email address. The email address you see on your email account is an alias that isn’t visible to others, and it can be used by other members of your ISP to send email to you. If your email address isn’t visible on