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1. Has a streamlined interface so that you can quickly adapt the rendering parameters.
2. Has an easy-to-use integrated Direct3D API.
3. Has a sophisticated image-based real-time illumination engine.
4. Has an integrated grid system.
5. Has a gradient-based surface shader.
6. Has the high-performance 3D GPU cache.
7. Has a stereo rendering support for better depth perception.
8. Has a built-in HUD and particle system.
9. Has the simple and easy-to-use particle editor.
10. Has a unified particle/emitter/material editor.
11. Has the real-time particle/emitter/material previewer.
12. Has an integrated baking process, including automatic texture baking.
13. Has a new physics engine with dynamic simulation.
14. Has a full real-time GPU accelerated rendering engine.
15. Has a built-in convex polygons to Hexagon converter.
16. Has a built-in physics support for rigid bodies and ragdolls.
17. Has a built-in interface to Away3D’s textures for easy use.
18. Has an integrated Material editor, with almost all features you need.
19. Has an integrated sprite sheet editor.
20. Has a powerful built-in texture pack manager.
21. Has a powerful built-in texture pack editor.
22. Has an integrated file manager, with auto save, auto import and drag and drop support.
23. Has an integrated importer for multiple formats of models.
24. Has an integrated exporter for several formats of model animations.
25. Has a built-in DDS importer and exporter.
26. Has a built-in IK engine.
27. Has a built-in camera simulation engine.
28. Has a built-in collision detection.
29. Has a built-in integrated object pool.
30. Has an integrated interface to Away3D’s particle system.
31. Has a built-in interface to Away3D’s events.
32. Has a built-in interface to Away3D’s physics engine.
33. Has a built-in D3D material format loader.
34. Has a built-in string formatter.
35. Has a built-in sprite formatter.
36. Has a built-in ‘Scene Graph’ interface. eea19f52d2

►►►► ASCII2BIN is a simple application designed to turn regular ASCII text in binary format. It’s built for computers running Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, especially for touch-supported devices, thanks to its Modern UI and large buttons that make it easy to control with taps.
This type of software comes in handy if you’re studying binary language in a Computer Science class or if you want to send secret messages to a friend by hiding text in plain sight.
Windows Store setup and Modern UI
Because it’s trusted by Microsoft, the app can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store with just one click. It gets launched in a large window with a dark theme and white text font, which can be switched to fullscreen mode by clicking the first button displayed on the upper-right corner.
Convert ASCII, regular text to binary format
You can enter or type normal text in the first button, then click the Convert button below to turn it into a sequence of 1s and 0s. The conversion is performed instantly when it comes to short lengths of text. On the other hand, the tool froze when we attempted to convert very long strings of characters.
Cannot decode binary code to reveal text
Unfortunately, the app doesn’t implement features for performing the reverse conversion for message decryption, so it’s not a binary-to-ASCII converter too. Plus, it doesn’t have any kind of customization settings, like changing the background and font colors, nor options for opening text from file.
Basic tool for hiding text in binary code
To sum it up, ASCII2BIN offers a simple and straightforward method for turning normal text in ASCII format to binary code of 1s and 0s. However, it doesn’t work well with long text and cannot turn binary code back into ASCII form.
►►►► The application is available in one language only: English (US).
The layout of the app is presented in a simple and intuitive way.
►►►► The application is optimized for touch-enabled devices, like the Windows 8.1 tablet, the Microsoft Surface and Lumia smartphones.
►►►► The font is dark, which enhances its legibility and allows to see the typed text in ASCII code.
►►►► The buttons are huge, which makes it easy to find them by touch.
►►►► The application supports the fullscreen mode. It’s ideal for viewing binaries in a larger window, regardless of the language