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M03 204 S 1 Q Ib Spanish

A Mandelbrot Set is the classical mathematical Mandelbrot Set that is generated by a complex plane mathematical operation. The Mandelbrot Set is of a fractal character and at the same time has a simple form. Complex plane operations that generate Mandelbrot Set are simple, since it is essentially all about a recursive algorithm. The Mandelbrot Set fractal pattern is a recursive set. This recursive set is the result of a mathematical operation, namely the Logistic Map.

Once you press the ok button, the application starts a process to generate the Mandelbrot Set, which runs in the background of your computer. Depending on your computer’s resources, the process may take some time to complete. Also, it may be that the application needs more space on your computer’s disk to work and occupy much of the hard disk’s space. For these cases, you can remove the generated file by selecting the remove option from the view menu, located on the top menu. You can also set a log file on your computer’s disk and save your images to the selected file. To do this, use the save as option from the same menu.

Use your mouse or keyboard to navigate the program or zoom in and out to see different features. There are many images of different complexity that have been generated using Mandelbrot Set.


The main features of the application is the ability to use your mouse and keyboard to navigate through the program. There are multiple windows, each of which is a different view of the program. One of the windows is a control panel that you can use to zoom in and out the program. The other window is the image window. This window shows the image you are currently displaying in your computer. You can click on an image to switch between all the different views of the program, as well as zoom in and out using your mouse or keyboard.


Requires Java to run.

Additional information

This tool is available in the application package and you can find it under the menu Tools -> Mandelbrot Set

Mandelbrot Set is a great addition to your computer. You can easily view different Mandelbrot Sets and save them for later viewing. Additionally, you can save different Mandelbrot Sets in a single file.

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