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KEYMACRO is a tool that can help you to remap your keyboard keys for any program that supports AutoHotKey (AHK). You can configure your remap by using a simple text editor.
– Allow you to remap keys in any program by using the simple text editor
– View the current configuration of each program in the list
– The ability to edit and change key mapping easily
– Option to use the default or macros for all programs

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to have a look at this package. Now it is no wonder that this app is quite popular with Windows users. It is an app that you can use in Windows to allow you to perform a simple search and extraction for all documents,.doc,.docx,.pdf,.rtf,.txt, and.xls. The search engine is based on Google search as far as the features are concerned. You can use the tool to locate and download files in one simple to use menu system. The tool is available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, so it will surely work for you. It is an extremely easy to use tool and does the job it is supposed to do in a smooth manner.
KEYMACRO Features:
Keyboard Macro Editor
– Add/Remove key macros for all programs in your system
– Simple text editor to edit macro settings
– Option to use default or macros for all programs
– Option to use hotkeys in Windows to save a few keystrokes when performing searches
– Supports multiple search domains
– View your current configuration of each program in the list
– Automatic updates are included
The Windows 10 desktop is being changed every release as Microsoft continues to push the innovation towards it. This particular version includes the ability to assign a number key to a custom macro that can be used in the Start menu, taskbar, task switcher and desktop. There are a lot of tools available on the market today, but if you are looking for one that is very straightforward to use and to set up, then it would be hard to find anything that comes close to this app. You simply click, drag, drop and use, making this a very useful tool. It is something that you will definitely use.
KEYMACRO requirements:
64-bit processor
Windows 8.1 or later

Hello and thanks for stopping by to look at this application. This tool is a utility that you can use to read and write to NTFS formatted 70238732e0

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1: Simulate some function of keyboard,like typing text and press the return key. Now you can register your keyboard for this software.
2: You can cut some parts of the text and past them to the clipboard. Simply select the text by the cursor, right click and then choose “Cut” to copy the text to the clipboard.
3: You can mark the contents of the selected area. If you mark it, you can use it later. The icon will appear at the top left corner of the text area.
4: Select a file with your mouse cursor. You can click it to open the selected file.
5: Now you can send files to a specified folder. Right click a file/folder and choose the “Send To” from the menu to send them to the specified folder.
6: When you create a file or folder, you will be asked to choose a type of file. You can select all the file types with the mouse cursor.
7: You can select a file/folder with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + I to insert it into the selected text area. You will get the inserted text.
8: You can choose a specific area of a file and press Ctrl + K to copy it.
9: You can paste something you copied to the clipboard into the current file or folder with the Ctrl + P.
10: You can select all the files with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + A to archive them.
11: After you have archived the selected files, you can delete them with the Ctrl + X function.
12: You can select the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + Y to paste the current text to the pasting text area.
13: After you have pasted the text, you can delete it with Ctrl + X.
14: You can select a range of a text area with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + Shift + L to lock the selected area. Now you can select another area of the current file with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + Shift + G to delete the selected area. You can also unlock the locked area.
15: You can select the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + I to insert the selected text into the current file.
16: You can select a file with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + U to unzip it. You will be prompted to create a new folder or replace the existing one.
17: You can select the mouse cursor and press Ctrl + F to search for