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MKN FreeMEM is an advanced software utility that can free up memory to allocate more system resources to other running applications. It does this using optimized parameters and features an automatic mode with customizable settings.
Simple setup with systray integration
Installing this tool is a fast and easy task that shouldn’t give you any trouble, since there aren’t special options or prerequisites involved. It gets integrated in the systray at startup, where it silently runs without interrupting your regular PC activity until it’s needed.
The main configuration panel has a clear-cut structure, split into three panes for configuring settings. You can view a graph with the current memory usage levels, both used and free, as well as click a button to trigger the optimization sequence.
Optimize RAM manually and automatically
This task doesn’t take long, during which MKN FreeMEM gets minimized to the tray and shows a progress bar. When it comes to configuration settings, you can adjust the speed used by the tool to optimize main memory, while keeping in mind that it affects the overall resources, as well as enable automatic RAM optimization and adjust the level of threshold.
Furthermore, you can add the tool to the Windows startup sequence to automatically run every time you turn on your computer to free up RAM, or activate a keyboard shortcut for accessing its options. There are no other notable aspects available here.
Download MKN FreeMEM:

Free Download MKN FreeMEM 1.00
Downloads: 3326
Size: 44.97 Mb
Language: English.
Platforms: Windows.

Free Download FreeMEM 1.00.1
Downloads: 3331
Size: 45.95 Mb
Language: English.
Platforms: Windows.

Free Download MKN FreeMEM 0.14.5
Downloads: 3337
Size: 49.77 Mb
Language: English.
Platforms: Windows.

MKN FreeMEM Demo – Advanced Memory Optimization
Downloads: 3129
Size: 3.99 Mb
Language: English.
Platforms: Windows.

MKN FreeMEM – Free Memory Analyzer and Optimizer
Downloads: 3123
Size: 3.38 Mb
Language: English.
Platforms: Windows.

FreeMEM by Mkn FreeMEM – Advanced Memory Optimization
Downloads: 2973
Size: 3.89 Mb
Language: English.

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NoiSpa is an application designed for beauty centers and spas who need a user-friendly and straightforward solution to keep track of all aspects of their business so that they can figure out the services that help them build loyal customers and better service.
Intuitive GUI, despite the little hiccups
The program comes with a simple and easy to navigate interface that makes it easy to anyone to add, edit and delete appointments regardless of their computer skills. The UI consists of a dashboard that enables you to access the main categories of treatments, services and customers and various windows where you can note down the corresponding details.
You should know that the interface includes a few windows’ names and buttons in Italian. However, this is most likely a mishap that does not affect the functionality of the application in any way.
Keep track of appointments and customers
The utility makes things as straightforward as possible when it comes to adding dates, customers along with their desired treatments, services and products. It is necessary to mention that while it does allow you create a client database, you can seamlessly add new entries (customers, products, treatments, services, operators and booths).
While operators can add their own data, the schedule applies to everyone. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can end up with two appointments for the same service on the same day. Moreover, you can let your customers know immediately whether a service or hour is available for the time they want to make an appointment.
Provides automatic management of all products and services
In addition to fewer errors, the app enables you to analyze the financial situation and inventory for your beauty center automatically based on the entries made. In fact, since the tool can take care of revenue, providers, products, warehouse, promotions, subscriptions and treatments automatically, you can gain more time for looking for ways to engage your loyal customers.
Lastly, since it keeps payment records, the app helps you figure out who are your target customers, so you can come up with specialized services, discounts or other perks for them.
A feature-rich app for beauty centers’ managers
All in all, NoiSpa provides you with numerous powerful tools and intuitive features that can help you increase the productivity and success of your spa or cosmetic salon.

Do you ever wonder how much shampoo and conditioner you’re spending and how much of that is just overpriced marketing? The answer? A lot.
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