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This is a Sendkey or Hot Key macro program for Windows that is very easy to use.
Paste code macro on the Windows application form or any text file that can be opened in any text editor. To customize each key press on the form or text file can be made.
KEYMACRO is not a full Sendkey macro software. It is a macro generating program, no macros are automatically generated. KEYMACRO gives you the flexibility to create your own macros.
You can use key macros for fire and forget, batch process, data input, etc.
Key macros are easy to use and use for any type of text input or form.
KEYMACRO can be used on all keyboard input devices such as:
– Generic/Generic Mouse
– QWERTY Keyboad
– PS/2 Keyboard
– USB Keyboard
– Scanning Keyboard
– Smart Card Reader
– Dialog Box
It is very easy to edit the macro after creation. Key macros can be as simple as single key presses or as complex as text replacement. Key macros can use any key that works with the text editor that KEYMACRO opens.
Using Key macros to get text from the user in Windows.
There are two types of key macros:
■ Sendkey Key macro
■ Hot Key Key macro
Key Macro can be created by any text editor that can be opened by KEYMACRO
There are two ways to use Key macros.
■ Using Key macro dialog box
■ Using a shortcut menu
To use a Key macro dialog box open the form in which you want to use the Key macro. Then click the Send Key macro or Hot Key macro button on the form. Click Add or Remove macros button to open Key macro dialog box. Use the text editor that opens. Input the text that you want to keymacro or hot key macro. Next click OK to add or input text. Use the code macros and customize the input key. Use the finished Key macro dialog box and drag Key macro to form. Set the key to hot or send key macro. Key macro form can be placed anywhere on the form.
To use a shortcut menu click the form where you want to use the Key macro. Click Add macro > Show Key macros and edit the Key macro dialog box. Input the text that you want to keymacro and click OK to create the Key macro. Click Save to 70238732e0

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SQL DB Comparer for SQL Server lets you find all differences or specific differences among SQL Server database objects and sync them automatically in order to save a lot of time. With the advanced synchronization features, you can easily turn the comparison and synchronization into a repetitive, automated process, in order to prevent making many comparisons for your database. You will need no other tools to complete the synchronization.

Important Notice: Before downloading this program, please be aware that this is a demo version and has some limitations. License Key included. If you are buying it, this Key will be useless after trial period.

Main features of EMS DB Comparer for SQL Server 1.5:

Comparison between two SQL Server databases

Synchronization between two SQL Server databases

Comparison based on schema design

Report generation

Compare all objects

Compare specific objects

Compare tables, views, columns

Compare procedures, functions, triggers

Compare schema and structure

Compare data

Compare tables

Compare procedures

Compare functions

Compare triggers

Compare columns

Compare string and date types

Compare types

Compare indexes

Compare check constraints

Compare server identity

Compare database identity

Compare properties

Compare roles

Compare procedures, functions, triggers, users, objects

Compare databases

Compare users

Compare servers

Compare system objects

Compare replication

Compare logins

Compare users, permissions, objects

Compare servers, permissions, users

Compare databases, permissions

Compare servers, databases, users

Compare logins, users, permissions

Compare databases, servers, users

Compare logins, users, permissions, objects

Compare servers, users, permissions, objects

Compares SQL Server objects between two databases

Compares differences in databases and/or tables

Compares differences between databases

Compares difference in columns

Compares differences in strings

Compares differences in user-defined types

Compares differences in system objects

Compares differences in views

Compares differences in objects

Compares differences in databases

Compares differences in procedures, functions, triggers

Compares differences in tables

Compares differences in indexes

Compares differences in data

Compares differences in properties

Compares differences in columns

Compares differences in schema

Compares differences in logins