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JixiPix Pastello Pro 1.1.16

Midi Quartet is a recording studio. Compositions can be saved as editable score files, standard MID, and 16 bit CD quality WAV files. Instuments include 120+ standard instuments and 30+ percussion instruments. An intuitive graphic interface makes creating and editing a score simple and effective. Use the Rhythm composer to create background motifs, chords and melodies.
Midi Quartet is a music player. Play your Midi and Wav files, along with chord motifs, and editable music scores. Use the “Loop” feature for continuous playback of music.

Logic Pro X – Logic Pro X 10.3.4

Logic Pro X is a complete, powerful music production solution for Logic Pro and OS X. Logic Pro X uses a familiar workspace design and set of tools to bring you everything you need to make music. It’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for.

Logic Pro X 10.3.4

iOS SDK Reference 3.4

The iOS SDK Reference is a comprehensive guide to the Apple iOS API that takes you from basic programming concepts to advanced programming techniques. The book covers all the major frameworks in the iOS SDK, including Foundation, MapKit, Core Location, WebKit, and UIKit, with detailed code samples.

Core Animation Essentials

Core Animation Essentials, Fourth Edition is the only book that fully explores all the components of the new iOS 5 Core Animation framework. Learn how to design your own animation features with UIView animations and Core Animation.

Cocoa Design Patterns for iOS

The Cocoa Design Patterns for iOS Handbook takes you through the Cocoa Design Patterns using a simple, straightforward style. Written by the creator of the Gang of Four Design Patterns, this book covers a wide range of design patterns, including Singleton, Delegate, Event Delegation, and Facade.

Core Data Essentials

Core Data Essentials, Second Edition, gives you a comprehensive coverage of the new Core Data framework and toolset. Learn how to integrate data access, persistence, and object mapping into your applications with Core Data.

Core Data Essentials, Third Edition

Core Data Essentials, Third Edition, brings you up-to-the-minute information on how to use Apple’s Core Data framework. Learn everything from the basics to advanced concepts, from technical issues to deployment and distribution. With this updated edition, you’ll explore the new technologies introduced in iOS eea19f52d2

This is a software-only, simple to use, rugged teleprompter designed with one goal in mind: to be functional, and it is more than qualified to do so. It is designed to work on all common-sized devices and most comfortably on an iPhone 4 or larger.
The Prompter has three modes of operation: Closed, Open, and Discard.
Closed: It speaks your words, as the image is clearly visible on the screen. It is ideal for when you are speaking in the center of the screen and do not want the image to interfere with what you are saying.
Open: It opens up its screen to display your words, instead of speaking in the center of the screen, as it is in Closed mode. You must be positioned to the left, right, or center of the screen to use this mode. It is best for when you are speaking to the side of the screen, or on the sides of the screen, or when you don’t want the image to distract you.
Discard: It allows you to turn off the screen and speak your words, much like your smartphone would. It is best for when you don’t want to be distracted by the video content on the screen.
Multiple of these modes of operation can be used at the same time, along with multiple speakers, to achieve the best setup for the situation.
The Prompter is designed to be run by using its own power source, which is always attached to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
The Prompter also has a built-in microphone.
The Prompter also has a built-in camera for added convenience, as well as very high-definition video (720p) that you can easily capture and add to your video.
It can even keep up with you, as it has a built-in accelerometer, and accelerometer-tracking speed sensor, so you can adjust your speeds to match your walking/running speed.
PromptDog is also color-coded to match the colors of your iPhone or iPad.
PromptDog Specification:
1. Language: English (US)
2. Display: Screen Display and Recording Camera (30fps for web and 720p for iPhone, iPad, and iPod)
3. Power: 3.7V/2.1A LiPo Battery
4. Microphone: Built-In
5. Camera: Built-In (720p)
6. Power Source: Built-In Batteryвђћgoogleвђњ-diskas/

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