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● The main purpose of the application is to find videos, music and images
● The application has a three-columns table: Search, Filter and Sort
● All the results are presented in the page which is organized according to the type of the search.
● Users can refine their search by adding filters and sort by the number of views.
● Each row shows the information of the searched video, song, or image and the thumbnail of the corresponding video, song or image
● By pressing on the stars icon, users can view the video, music or image that they marked
● Finally, the application can be configured to record the user’s search activity.
● The application has two modes:
• Display: In which mode the application only displays the results without allowing users to choose a video, music or image
• Player: In which mode the application allows users to play videos, music or images after they have clicked the star icon.
● And more:
• The application includes a statistics screen that shows users the statistics of the most frequently used search engines and the most common search queries.
• Support to add the favorite videos, music and images to the home screen
• Download videos, music and images from the video player
• Search in multiple search engines, including Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Vevo and Shazam
• Search in a directory with pictures taken using the camera of the phone
• Search by time
• Search by date
• Play music from the phone (music library or streamed from other apps)
• Play videos from the phone (video library or streamed from other apps)
• Download videos from the phone
• Search for podcasts
• Playing full screen mode
• Manual and automatic play
• Notification on new videos added to the list of favorite videos
• Notification on new images added to the list of favorite images
• Notification on new songs added to the list of favorite songs
• All in one music player
• Open web page in default browser
• Download images from the phone’s gallery
• Image viewer
• Open link in browser
• Control brightness
• Open link in browser
• Save videos to the phone’s media directory
• Play all or a selected list of videos
• Close video player
• View albums
• View eea19f52d2

PDF Creator is a free, yet powerful tool to create PDF documents from your Windows programs. It supports all the most popular Windows programs and lets you convert documents into PDF files without having to resort to third-party applications.
Create PDF files of any type of documents.
There are more than 75 programs for which PDF Creator supports file conversion, including MS Office. It even provides the ability to convert.DOC files.
Adjust the formatting and layout of your documents.
PDF Creator supports a lot of advanced features such as page format, page layout, font settings, page header and footer. It supports multiple-page documents and allows you to create a document structure with multiple pages and sections.
The PDF Creator editor provides a visual editing window that lets you set page numbers, margins, headers and footers and add watermarks to your PDF documents. You can add customized headers and footers to your PDF files.
You can set the document type, orientation, page size, margins and any other document attributes, and save your changes. PDF Creator has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to work with the software easily.
Foxit PDF Creator is easy to use and saves the information and the work of opening and saving documents to the PDF format. It has a built-in PDF converter that can convert files to PDF format quickly and efficiently, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and many others.

AWEber is a competent software application that can be used to create an online store and use it to market your products and services. You can use the created store in one of two ways: as a standalone application that you can install on your computer and use as an e-commerce application; or as a plugin for WordPress, which you can use to manage all the contents of your website.
In either case, it’s necessary to install AWEber on your computer. AWEber requires Windows® XP or Windows Vista®, as well as any platform that supports MySQL and PHP. When you install the plugin, you can select the database and server that you will use to manage your website’s contents.
The application has a modern and clear interface that makes it easy to use and navigate through the various features. The main menu is divided into three sections: Tools, Store and Blog. The first section includes the AWEber tools you need to manage your store: Add, Edit, List and Remove; the second is the Store section, which is divided into categories and subcategories; and the third one

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