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Extend your macros to be able to automatically delete old files in a specific folder and have them automatically renamed. You can also automatically move files to the desktop and remove old versions of files.
How it works:
I am still trying to figure out how to use this app but i am sure it will come in handy! This is the description of the app on bit-bucket, and it’s pretty much what I think it does.
“JunkRemover is a powerful file manager for Mac.It let you remove your old files and keep track of what you’re deleting.You can also move files into the Trash for later deleting, or in a place of your choosing.You can also remove duplicates or even rename files.When moving a file to the desktop,it’ll automatically get a new name.If you want to remove old files in a specific folder,you can specify it with the -Folder parameter.”

Ninite is the simplest way to automate the installation of software for your Mac.
With Ninite, you can tell the app to download and install any software that you select from a huge catalogue. It has a “one-click installer” feature, which makes downloading and installing new apps as easy as a single mouse click.
Ninite also has a “one-click uninstaller,” which makes it a breeze to remove a program, whether it’s a game, utility, or application that you don’t need any longer.
Ninite installs software in a hidden folder in your user’s Applications folder, so you won’t be able to access anything except for your web browser, games, and applications that you choose. To protect your privacy, there is no password needed to access your App Folder.
The all-new Ninite version improves the UI, and adds a “cleanup” feature to delete the history of recently installed apps.

Humble Indie Bundle 12 is the second bundle for Steam users.
The sale for the 12 titles will last from May 10th to May 24th.
To get the games, you have to pay whatever you want to pay for the bundle.
The purchase of the Humble Indie Bundle 12 brings you these games:
* Blacklight: Retribution
* Nuclear Throne
* Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
* Never Alone
* Garry’s Mod
* Toy Gun
* Mutant Mudds
* and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
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This is a VNC Server software, with 2 usernames and passwords. KeyMACRO can be used as a VNC Client, or as a server.
With KeyMACRO you can remotely manage your Windows machines or the network.
Using KeyMACRO, you can share your Linux desktop over the network. That means that all you need is a VNC Server installed on the target machine, and a VNC Client on the client machine. When the user clicks the mouse on the VNC client, he will see the remote desktop. You can share any kind of data, including windows applications, files, pictures, or even presentations and drawings.
-Multilingual (english,french,spanish,and german).
– Works on Linux (Red Hat, Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo and others)
-Allows the user to run any Linux application, without the need to install any package or libraries.
– All the information is stored locally on the VNC client, and so if the client crashes the information is not lost.
– User password and IP logging
– Allows the user to change the IP loging and to modify the displayed users.
– Can be run as a Windows service with a start menu icon.

User Manual:


I’m not familiar with VNC, but

claims that it uses the RDP protocol. This is a Microsoft protocol, so if your client has RDP it should work.

For the past 4 months, I’ve been following the European refugee crisis closely. The political polarisation and dehumanisation that has developed in countries like Hungary and Sweden as a result of this crisis has been truly appalling. There have been scores of incidents of violence on the part of right-wing groups against immigrants and their property, and while I suspect these groups are a tiny minority, their effect is so damaging that it’s difficult not to be taken aback by their campaign of hate.

When I discovered the Viktor Orbán and his nationalist party Fidesz (“Faith and Work”) had signed a deal with the populist, anti-Muslim, Eurosceptic AfD party (“Alternative for Germany”),