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Sahi provides a consistent recorder, playback and controlling interface to web browsers and testing applications. It is the best recorded driven test tool for the browser and is applicable in any J2EE, J2ME, Ajax based test application.
A Web of tests.
Sahi web application is based on SahiWeb framework and its scripting support engine. This means that it can handle all kind of scripting languages. Sahi supports all JavaScript libraries such as YUI, Dojo and Prototype and can also execute third party Java scripts. It can run on both client side and server side. SahiWeb is a Java application framework. It can be used to develop web based applications. SahiWeb is build on top of OSGI and offers a declarative approach to develop web applications.
Sahi does not require any knowledge of the web browser, scripting languages and test
tools, yet can record and playback all kinds of web applications.
Sahi is an open source project. It can be downloaded free of cost from the Sahi web site.
Sahi library is based on Apache licensed Java libraries. Sahi library allows Sahi Web application to communicate with browser via Ajax interface. Sahi Web framework contains features such as AJAX, Comet, CometD, DRM etc. Sahi is not restricted to any particular browser and supports different browsers.
Sahi recorder supports cross browser testing and can be used to automate a web application as a black box. It supports record, playback, edit, delete, rewind, loop and pause recording. It can record the web application’s interaction with the browser.
Sahi recorder is light weight and runs very efficiently. It can execute the script on any platform.
Sahi playback has the ability to control the browser dynamically, it can alter its behavior and interact with web applications.
Sahi editor is based on Apache libraries such as HTML, HtmlUnit. It allows Sahi Web applications to change their content by adding, editing and deleting web pages. It can also execute scripts and interact with web applications.
Sahi Java recorder can run Sahi Web application on server side. It can generate Java application which can then be deployed and run on any server side based platform.
Sahi Java playback can run Sahi Web application on client side. It can 70238732e0

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– CD-R text shows in English.
– Internal error recovery test shows in English.
– Type 2 title: name, title, artist, album, artist, length, etc. (based on the type of CD-R you are using)
– Type 3 title: CD-ROM dump (if CD-R is not known).
– Type 4 title: physical dump (if the format of CD-R is not known).
– Name of the CD-R (if CD-R is not known).
– Title of the CD-R (if CD-R is not known).
– Track No.
– CRC (if the CRC is not known).
– Media Size (if CD-R is not known).
– Used (if the used bit is not known).
– Removable (if the removable bit is not known).
– Write Protection (if the write protection is not known).
– Lead In (if the lead-in is not known).
– Lead Out (if the lead-out is not known).
– Dump filename (if the image was dumped).
– CD status (if the image was dumped).
– Partial MD5 (if MD5 is not known).
– Full MD5 (if MD5 is not known).
– CRC (if MD5 is not known).
– Blocksize (if MD5 is not known).
– Multisession (if MD5 is not known).
– Start-Stop (if MD5 is not known).
– Verify (if MD5 is not known).
– Type 1 title:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD5 is not known).
– Block data:
– Data size (if MD