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・Let’s you write note on the contact, text and photo on the screen of Mac computer
・Easy text editor
・Create/Search/Update many note
・Easy working using touch device with touch event
・Select/Move by drag
・Set to icon image and set size
・Easily select/write in the notes
・Add image/video and text
・Set margin and size
・The color of the note set title
・Easily draw on the note
・Pick-up the note
・Cancel the text when selecting
・Quickly send to other
・Quickly update
・The note can move
・The note in the multi-note
・The reminder note
・Creator with email and password
・No server to be connected to the internet
・Status of the note to be displayed in the list of the multi-notes
・The note can be locked or not
・The note will be cleared when updating
・Automatic backup and restore with iCloud
・The display of the note in the list of the multi-notes will be deleted
・The note is automatically saved by default
・Extension of file is supported
・Can send to other
・Easy to search
・Easy to add
・Easy to move
・Easy to read
・Create a new folder
・Create new note
・Access notes in other devices
・Buttons to save, cancel and search
・To allow user to lock/unlock the notes
・Displays of the notes in the list of the multi-notes
・Note information will be displayed in the list of the multi-notes
・Search the notes in the multi-notes by the name
・Note information will be displayed in the list of the multi-notes
・Text can be added, edited and searched
・Set icon in the list of the multi-notes
・Set margin and size
・No autoupdate by default
・The color of the note set title
・Select/Move by drag
・Set font size
・Simple operation
・The color of the note set border
・Create/Search/Update many note
・Easy to draw on the note
・Select/Move by drag
・Set margin and size
・Easily select/write in the notes
・Add image/video and text
・Set margin and size
・The color of the note set 70238732e0

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Tired of saving your settings and them just reloading them after you close the main window? With this plugin, your settings will never be lost and you will never need to re-enter your settings and passcodes!


Json to json2xls

Easy way to convert json to xls,json to xls

Json to json2xls is a straightforward application that, as its name suggests, can help you convert JSON data arrays to the XLS spreadsheet format. The program is relatively easy to use, as it supports drag and drop and allows you to select between the multiple arrays that may be found in a single JSON file.

Lightweight, portable utility that does not require Microsoft Excel

json2xls does not need to be installed, which means that it can be run from any location, even portable storage devices.

Moreover, aside from Microsoft.Net Framework, it does not require any other additional components to be installed on your system.

Straightforward conversion tool that can extract JSON arrays

Importing documents into json2xls could not be simpler, as you only have to drag them to the main application window. If a JSON file contains multiple arrays, a dialogue box is displayed asking you to choose which of them should be processed.

If you wish to export the entire data set to a spreadsheet file, you can click the XLS button in the top-left corner of the interface. The new document is exported to the application’s folder, but it is not possible to change the output location or the file’s name.

In addition, it is possible to copy specific rows and paste them into Microsoft Excel, which can be very helpful when you only need to extract a few entries.

Minimalistic user interface that keeps things simple

While json2xls may not stand out from a visual standpoint, this is not really to be expected from a basic converter. The window is resizable, the rows are displayed using alternating colors and the entries can be sorted based on any of the available columns.

Overall, json2xls is a simple tool designed for a specific purpose, and it does its job well. It enables you to convert JSON arrays to XLS, as well as extract individual entries, and it does not require Microsoft Excel.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to the recording of