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Descargar el archivo (756,26 Mb) En modo gratuito

Safe and simple Internet browser for your children.
Clean and simple design that your children can use.
Controls your children’s Internet browsing experience
Protects your kids from inappropriate websites
Set limits on your kids’ Internet browsing time
Blocks ads and pop-ups
Include a child mode
Children’s mode locks out the main screen.
Blacklisted websites
Blocking websites at the top of the browser.
Blacklist websites
Choose what websites are blocked and which ones aren’t.
Set lock screen time
Settings how long the child mode will be active.
Filter keywords
Search keywords are filtered out.
Restrict websites
Choose which websites are allowed to be visited.
Allows multiple users
Allows multiple users to log in.
Reveal search bar
Show/hide the search bar.
Create an account
Create an account for each child, or use the same account for all.
Customise the browser
Change the size of the text, color of the background and your desktop background.
Provides access to parents
Provides access to parents, allowing them to view and control the settings for their child.

Are you looking for a child friendly browser? As previously mentioned, Windows 8 does not include such features, however, if you are willing to pay, then you may try Safety Browser. It is one of the many parental controls that work across different platforms, operating systems, and operating systems. It comes with multiple options and parental controls that ensure that your children use the Internet only on sites that you approve of. All you need to do is to type in the URL and it will display the webpage in a safe way. You may also consider the list of features below to pick the browser that is right for your needs.
Why Safety Browser?
This browser is an Internet browser that helps you protect your children from inappropriate content. It is a parental control application that you can use to manage your children’s Internet browsing. You can also control which websites your children visit, and even block advertisements. You can even protect them from harmful and malicious websites and prevent them from viewing porn.
How Does It Work?
The Safety Browser has many features and options that you can use. You can choose to enable a child mode, block websites, set lock screen time, filter search terms, and more. Some of the features that you may find useful are listed below.
Child Mode
The application includes a child mode, which locks out the main screen. All you need eea19f52d2

Xshell Free is a powerful terminal emulator that is designed to replace insecure telnet clients. It allows users to remotely access various Linux servers from a Windows machine. Key features include:
* Support for multiple protocols including SSH, TELNET, SFTP, SERIAL and RLOGIN
* Built-in tunneling and dynamic port forwarding
* Encrypted tunneling and dynamic port forwarding
* Powerful scripting engine
* Regular expressions support
* RSA public/private keys support
* Password protection
* Encryption of traffic
* Interception of protocol and activity analysis
* Captive browser: users can forward the traffic to any local HTTP or FTP server
* Capture and forward X11 sessions
* Support for local and remote sessions
* Full port mapping
* Full support for ANSI and ANSI-compliant terminals
* User-defined key maps
* File transfers
* Command-line support
Xshell Free Requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2003/2008/2012
* 800 MHz processor or faster
Xshell Free Media:
Xshell Free Video Trailer
Source Code:

Download Xshell Free for Samsung Galaxy S5/ S4/S3/S2/S/i9100/i8910/i8710 is the best software for Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2/S/i9100/i8910/i8710 and does everything its name indicates.
It supports all models and their firmware such as Stock, Over the air and custom ROM.
Xshell lets you move apps, settings, messages, contacts, photos, videos, music and external memory card files from Samsung Galaxy to computer with a single mouse click. It is also the best backup tool for Samsung Galaxy devices.
It lets you retrieve deleted photos and messages from your Samsung Galaxy devices, copy firmware files to PC, backup apps & OTA updates, create a backup of your Samsung Galaxy device’s data, create and save backup images of your Samsung Galaxy’s SD card and much more.
It support all S5/S4/S3/S2/S/i9100/i8910/i8710 devices with all the current firmware versions and new ones such as I9200 and J7000/J7010.
Xshell lets you move apps

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