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You can use your own macro language for configuration. These macros are described in an XML file which should be installed in the installation directory together with the server configuration. The macro language is very powerful and gives you full control over the configuration. It supports script files that can be used to e.g. dynamically build your settings.
A small screenshot of a macro file which define a basic configuration can be found in the download.
Advanced Configuration and Administration Options:
You can configure the server in a wide variety of different ways. It supports multiple domains, multiple user mailboxes, multiple accounts, e-mail logging, settings can be altered at runtime, failover and load-balancing is supported, and can be used in a clustered configuration.
How to install and configure TM-POP3 Server?
The TM-POP3 Server requires a Microsoft SMTP server to function. Both the server and the administrator application use the Microsoft SMTP server to send e-mails. Your e-mails are received by this server and then delivered to TM-POP3 Server to be delivered to your e-mail client.
To start a server on Windows 95, 98, NT 3.51/3.51SP1, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or Windows 7:
1) Install the SMTP server of your choice.
2) Install the TM-POP3 Server application, which includes the Microsoft SMTP server as a service.
To start a server on Windows Vista or Windows 7:
1) Install the SMTP server of your choice.
2) Install the TM-POP3 Server application, which includes the Microsoft SMTP server as a service.
2) Download the TmPop3Admin.exe utility application.
3) Run the utility.
4) Open the configuration dialog.
5) Go to tab “Mail Accounts” and select the account you wish to configure.
6) Go to tab “Mailbox” and select the mailbox you wish to configure.
7) Go to tab “Delivery” and select the delivery address for the e-mail account.
8) Go to tab “Mail Log” and select the path to your e-mail log file.
9) Go to tab “Scripts” and select the path to your script file.
10) Go to tab “Advanced Options” and configure the server as you wish.
11) Go back to tab “Mail Accounts” and select the account again.
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The second form of the application resides on the desktop and is for testing whether a computer is infected with malware or not. As it is launched, it will scan all the available files and folders and display any that could be a threat.
This form of the application is a tool that gives users the ability to choose what they want to scan and remove the files that are deemed suspicious. It is quite self-explanatory so users do not need to be told how to use it.
This form of the application gives users a customizable view. Users can choose to display their searches in ascending order or by date. The apps default settings sort by size, but users can also switch the order to alphabetical.
It is possible to specify if certain files should be excluded from scanning. Once the scan is complete, users can check and analyze the results.
If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please send an email to: support@sophos.comNine Inch Nails

A tribute to the great David Bowie

He’s been gone for nearly two years, but David Bowie’s death is never far from people’s minds. It’s just a question of when people will turn from their mourning and focus on what the future holds, or even if it holds anything good.

A decade ago I interviewed David Bowie at his home in New York’s Upper East Side. He told me that he’d just released the first new album of his career. He said he was spending a lot of time in the studio, having already recorded a handful of songs.

He said he was preoccupied with death. He told me about a project he was doing, written with Paul Branigan, called Blackstar. It was a semi-autobiographical exploration of self-doubt, fear, and loneliness. The project was named Blackstar because, Bowie told me, in jazz the phrase means “someone who is dying,” and he didn’t want to define the project as a David Bowie album. He wanted to explore a new side of himself, and the title seemed right for that.

“I’m afraid of losing myself,” he told me. “I think I’ve already lost myself.”

His voice was raspy and full. The heroin addiction that had hung over his life for so–UAD-2.html