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■ Use the Keymacro to automatize simple but important repetitive tasks, like logging in to websites. With this application you can add new keymacro and manage your Keymacro list.
■ No browser required
■ Requires Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
How to use:
■ Select a keymacro and press [Run]
■ You have the option to edit the keymacro, or to cancel it
■ Add the website to the keymacro, then press [Run]
■ If the website is not logged in you get a pop-up box, and when you press OK the site is logged in.
■ Select the keymacro that you want to run
■ You get a pop-up box, where you can add the website that you want to access.
■ You have also an option to define an action to take if the website does not allow you to access it.
■ You have the option to edit the keymacro, or to cancel it.
■ When the website is logged in, the app generates a log file.
■ The keymacro is a registered as a keystroke macro and the logfile will be opened automatically.
■ You have the option to send the log file by email.
■ Two log files can be used simultaneously, and when the keymacro is canceled or the website is not logged in, both log files are automatically canceled.
■ Send the log file by email and set the email address where you want the log file to be sent.
■ Also the log file can be sent by the internal task manager of Window.
■ You can choose to generate both a log file and a log file with email, or only a log file with email.
■ The log file is saved as a log file.
■ The log file can be generated and sent to any email address
■ You can also use the keymacro for generating reports.
■ The report is saved as a text file.
■ Pressing [Run] will generate a report and open the text file automatically.
■ Or if you are logged in to a web site, press [Run] and you automatically get logged in to the web site.
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■ “Swipe mouse over/off – Simple Easy way to control animation when moving between frames and changing cursor during slideshow.
■ CURSOR EXTERNAL – Swipe mouse over/off when cursor is not on screen to stop slideshow
■ NUMBER OF MOVES – Move slideshow in predefined numbers of pics.
■ WINDOW LOCK – When changing to next frame, image stay on screen until slideshow is complete.
■ NUMBER OF SHADES – Slide show can be done with each frame in 16 different colors.
■ EFFECT CHAIN – Image will be animated while sliding on screen.
■ HIDE BACKGROUND – Cursor disappears when mouse is on screen and cursor is not over image.
■ ZOOM OUT – Slide show can be seen from a long distance.
■ CURSOR UPDATE – Mouse cursor will be updated in next frame when the slide is over the image
■ ROTATE – Image will rotate after transition completed.
■ LABEL – Image will have a caption with image name and date information.
■ CONTROLS – Slide show can be controlled with standard keyboard commands.
■ ALERTS – When you are on any frame, title of that frame will be shown.
■ NUMBER OF IMAGES – Allows to enter your favorite number of images.
■ BACKGROUND – All frames will have different background.
■ OPTIONAL SLIDESHOW FONT – All slideshow frame will have text in different font.
■ SHOW DATE AND TIME – All frames will have “Date” and “Time” info.
■ COLOR – Slide show can be done in 16 different colors.
■ TITLE – Shows the name of the images on slideshow.
■ LABEL – Shows the description of images on slideshow.
■ AVAILABLE COLOR – Allows to choose a color of the slideshow.
■ PICTURE OVERLAY – Shows the image with background.”

Pic-Matic is a useful, easy-to-use and completely customizable photo slideshow with support for a variety of frame styles, 17 different special effects (transitions) and the ability to cycle through the photos automatically with a single click.

It includes a number of extra frame backgrounds and custom cursor support